Opensim Worlds

All of my fickle relationships with this blog aside, I’ve recently become totally consumed with Opensim and have carved out a little homestead (or two) in the wilds of the Hypergrid. I tried Opensim a few years back, and I have to say that it has come a LONG way.  The setup still challenged my technology skills, but it is all so well documented that I was able to succeed (and I found out so much along the way). One thing it made me appreciate is how many things are going on in any grid behind the scenes. I’ve been mucking around in Opensim for a few weeks now, but the other night I decided I wanted to do some sailing in Second Life. I logged in, and WOW! Second Life is incredible!

What I’m loving though about Opensim, beyond all the cool technology that its awesome developers are making, is that it is giving me that feeling I had when I first came into SL. Things a little rough around the edges (though the server works great), the sense of being on a frontier, the DIYness of it all.

There were three moments in the whole process that were absolutely thrilling, comparable even to the moment I left Help Island so many years back and appeared on the main grid!

1. When I logged to my instance and new lands spread out before me.
2. When I made my first hypergrid jump to someone else’s world.
3. When I turned it all off then back on again and it worked!

So, anyway, here are some pictures of my little world in the cloud. Maybe I’ll write more about this as I continue to learn.

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_006

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