A New Island Being Born

Tonight I moved North and started working on a new, yet-to-be-named island. I’m wanting this one to be kind of wind-swept and lonely, without much if any trace of human habitation. As I was working, I realized that the orientation of all the islands I’ve made so far is toward the East, and that there aren’t too many places to watch the sunset. The place reminds me of the New England coast, so this makes sense, but I’m wondering if there doesn’t need to be some spot to really watch the sun sink into the sea (one if it and one of me).

I’ve also been thinking that I need to build a lighthouse. Lighthouses are ubiquitous in virtual worlds, which is interesting in and of itself. Perhaps, I am feeling the need to add my version of the beacon to the scene. Something to shine out on the vastness where, as of yet, no ships sail.

Earlier today, I took a little hypergrid adventure to a place called Steam. It was quite the set of regions, with a lot of interesting boats and airships everywhere and a great freebie store where I picked up a couple of seagulls. Many of Aley Arai’s creations were on the shelf in the shop, which was nice to see. I’m happy that her particular stylistic touch has traveled to other lands.

So here are some pictures. We’ll see how it turns out.

Snapshot_010 Snapshot_009

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