There is another process shaping these islands
where you have to begin with a stretch (as in
that’s a stretch), and New England was once
much bigger, the tropics had much more water,
but the water doesn’t sunder the land from itself,
is stormless and without any power. All it can do
is hug these islands and coasts and sometimes
change color as it listens only to this other
thing at work, arranging and arranging,
all the while building theories of synecdoche
for dock, breaker, beach that seem to split the shore.
That breeze that fills your sail and carries you.
Those docks where the other boats moor.
These sentences from deep inside the other
thing that carry you past the shore.

traffic spike taken seaward. don’t sail into the wind with sharp spikes.
always at an angle. sailboats have the truth of how always things work.

what can you hit head-on?
what would you want to?

my sailboat is small, but it has a nice buffet. the steam trays
are always at a proper temperature for food to be kept safe and edible.

ahoy! the skippers in the passing boats say to me.
i just learned how to shout, so i owe response to a lot of you good skippers.

don’t take my silence personally
because it was just ignorance in me, a thing about usability.

it’s easy to shout once you know how to do it,
just like all things intuitive where clear instructions are tantamount.

and maybe it’s gray enough to light
the old oil heater. i’m trying
as hard as i can, but this talk
is molasses afterburner

so the space is slow, and i’m hiding.
i thought about pop-up window
news articles with start and end dates set
a few days apart and how

we have to hope that grandma
checked her email in time enough to click
through to the article before it was
gone to a private archive on the admin side

or maybe her daughter-in-law printed it
and mailed it to her so
she could see little jeannie
accepting the science award

there was a photo, even
with jeannie that grandma would like,
but the pop up window isn’t easy
to print, so here’s how:

click on the window and press
ALT+Printscreen keys, then
open MS Paint and paste
then save the image to your desktop

import the image into Word
then print from there.
that is what i thought about
and frogs.

the rifle on the mantle is a centerpiece.
it’s like there is a rifle on the mantle.
and somebody is saying something about the bullets.
there is a rifle in my wave dreams, and i’m listening to somebody.
like the rifle has a wave in it.
and the wave is huge, like a bullet must be.

i’m watching the rifle in the cabinet.
i’m standing there in pajamas.
i know that it is coming for me,
but i can also duck.
there is a rifle on the mantle.
i know that it is me.

can see the sprinkler, just wait.
i’m going up in the sky, so i have to be warm.
the lights flash on the airfield.
rezz the airplane. just wait.
pilot. the greenhouse in front of me. birds flying around.
maybe i’ll write into a notecard and transfer.
i’ll go a long way.
i’m breathing heavy. there isn’t much left.
i used to walk here, i could barely rez.
oh just a litte beach surrounded by two walls. a campfire.
it’s so …

can you help me to pass the application
for the work..
just give to everybody.. you thin and the persone have to come back here and put the aplication in the box application beside the contest board

we look at hell like we look
it is an ampitheater of
babies, games scattered on the floor
we look at them like they are
the definition of us
and looking at love like us.
it is not us. it is something
we wanted to think about.
it was something the rain
couldn’t even speak of.

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